Rosy Mery was brought to Sparsh Hospital at RR Nagar on 2nd Feb 2023 with acute chronic pancreatitis with pancreaticopleural fistula by Dream India Network (DIN). At the emergency she was stabilized by a team of doctors led by Dr. Devendra Naik and preliminary tests conducted.

Rosy Mery was emaciated with poor muscle mass and was severely undernourished since she could not eat due to severe pain. She needed major surgery, however she needed to be optimized by pulmonologist Dr. Rajani in a order to tolerate such a major procedure. She was placed on a nutritive diet plan and underwent exercises to increase her lung function.

Surgery was undertaken on the 8th of Feb 2023 by a team lead by Dr. Pranav Honnavara Srinivasan • Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgery which lasted for a marathon 8 hours. Anesthesia for such a major procedure is a daunting task, however Dr. Lokesh and Dr. Nutan (Consultant anesthesiologists)ensured that it went smoothly. Rosy was stabilized and she was a fighter and was soon on the path to recovery. Rosy was shifted to the ward on the 11th of Feb 2023 and has since been recovering and also working on her subjects of 2nd PUC. Rosy aspires to be a beautician and a drawing teacher. So she will be starting her beautician course after 6 months according to the doctor’s advice.

Rosy was discharged on 16th of Feb 2023 and arrangements are made for her rehabilitation and a peer caretaker will oversee needs. Rosy was wished by doctors, nurses and the managing trustee of Vachana Foundation Mrs. Meena Patil who blessed her with good wishes and health. Rosy temporarily stayed at Grace Hospital at Rajajinagar, a unit of Dream India Network which is equipped to look into her needs with all amenities of a hospital, doctor and nurse on hand and visit regular checks at Sparsh Hospital post discharge. Now she is recovered and shifted to her PG from Rainbow homes and plans are afloat so she could appear for her 2nd PUC exams.