DIMINISHING IMPACT OF RTA (Road traffic accidents)

India is home to the 2nd largest road network in the world with a total road length of over 62 lakh kilometers! This massive network serves as the nation’s lifeline transporting over 64.5% of all goods within the country in addition to being the preferred option for moving over 90% of India’s passenger traffic. While our roads may showcase development in the country, they are also a source of great danger for users in India for various reasons including misuse by drivers and pedestrians, condition of the infrastructure, and natural disasters.
While India has 1% of the world’s share of the number of vehicles, we account for almost 11% of global road accident deaths. As per the report, there were 4,12,432 unfortunate incidents of road accidents during 2021, which claimed 1,53,972 lives and caused injuries to 3,84,448 persons. Road accidents continue to remain the leading cause of deaths, disabilities, and hospitalizations in the country despite concerted efforts at all levels to contain them.
The Vachana Foundation works across the spectrum of Road Safety to:
Prevent Accidents through awareness and other campaigns
Provide Emergency Care through our Right to Resuscitation program where we believe that all human beings have a right to resuscitation (emergency care) after any accident and emergency life-saving care should not be dependent on factors like Money or lack of family members/attenders. All the patients received under the Foundation programs in casualty receive primary life-saving care free of Cost.
Treat Accident Survivors through the most complex polytrauma and other injuries they sustain with the highest quality care to prevent mortality, and morbidity and prevent long-term disability.