Shreyas and his braces

Shreyas is 4 years old. He had walking difficulty and he is dependent on all to walk. We were worried about his future because he couldn’t walk without someone’s help. We planned to take him to a good hospital but money was difficult to arrange. I work as a room boy and earn a meager Rs. 9000 per month and have two children and couldn’t meet the treatment cost. My brother Gangappa, suggested SPARSH hospital from where his daughter who had a similar issue was treated under Vachana foundation free of cost. Shreyas is diagnosed to have spastic diplegia and the treating doctor advised Botox injection and POP application. Vachana foundation undertook the surgery free of cost and now he has knee abduction braces. We are very grateful to Chairman sir, Vachana Foundation, Dr Rudraprasad, Dr Samarth Arya and their team, all nursing staff. Thank you for the support and my son is with braces and look forward to him walking like his cousin Lakshmi Rotti.