SARIKA – Budding flower

Sarika, a 1yr old child was diagnosed with clubfoot when she was 8 months old. Sarika lives in a joint family with her mother (Kauvery Mondal), grandmother and grandfather in a small village near Chikkamagaluru district. Her father is working as a machine operator in a company in Telangana. Originally they are from West Bengal and paternal grandfather works as a laborer in the estate..

Sarikas parents and grandparents were worried about how their little child will face the challenges of the world as she grows up with club feet. They were concerned about the struggles she would face to lead a normal life in the future.

It was at Chikkamagaluru the owner of the property Dr. Sudarshan Ballal noticed Sarikas feet. He called his friend, a renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr Sharan Patil who gladly suggested having the child for a screening at Sparsh Hospital Bangalore.

Sarika’s mother and grandfather accompanied Sarika for a consultation with Dr Rudraprasad the orthopaedician at Sparsh hospital who suggested certain orthopedic procedures before a corrective surgery for Sarika Meanwhile Dr Sharan Patil looking at the economically challenge family of Sarika directed the Foundation to help out the family.

Sarika’s mother and grandfather were counseled by the Foundation. Rudra Prasad explained the Medical and surgical processes and suggested 7 sittings of POP weekly for a period of 7 weeks. Sarikas mother and grandfather were ecstatic and on the first day of POP Sarika cried a lot but after an hour she was pacified and this happened for 7 weeks in rotation.

The mother and grandfather meticulously came in for the procedure of POP and each time they traveled from Chikmagalur to and fro. Sarika was a brave lil girl and traveled with them. In the meanwhile Foundation personnel coordinated the procedures with the Spars Kutumba card and took care of the child’s treatment and supported with donated free POPs, consultation, OT and nursing charges waived.

Sarikas treatment started on 22nd of November, 2022 and the surgical procedure on 23rd January, 2023. On completion of the surgical procedure Sarika was followed up by Dr. Rudraprasad the week following 23rd January 2023. Dr Rudraprasad on examination suggested foot abduction braces for a period of 6 years. Sparsh Foundation coordinated free braces from the Orthotics department sponsored and designed by Sparsh Hospital. Sarikas mother and father were advised to have a follow up scheduled every month to monitor progress. Sarika was at first unhappy with the brace; now her mother says she smiles and they are relieved that their child will lead a normal life and have a future.

Sarika’s family is thankful to the Chairman, treating doctor, staff nurses team and Foundation team for making a difference in their lives.