Kaustubha, a warrior

Kaustubha is a small boy of 6 years old. He is from Sira Taluk, Tumkur district. One day he was playing in his father’s work place – in a garden. His father was about to cut the grass with the machine. His father was inside the office. One of the employees had on the machine’s switch and he was not aware that the kid was playing with the machine. All of a sudden everyone started hearing a loud scream from the garden area. Everyone rushed out and saw what happened? Then his father was in shock seeing the blood flowing down from his kid’s hand and the kid fainted.

He really does not know what to do? All his co-workers took control of the situation and took the kid to the nearby clinic. Then the doctor recommended Sparsh hospital for further treatment. They rushed immediately to the Sparsh hospital. Father couldn’t afford the treatment cost. He is a daily wage worker, so he requested support from the Foundation, Where Sparsh Vachana foundation intervened and did the required thing. He underwent surgery successfully. Kaustubha is doing good and his family thanked Meena Mam, Chairman Dr. Sharan Patil and the Sparsh Foundation team for the whole hearted support.