A life line for a young breadwinner ARVIND

Arvind, 24 years old male from Srirampura, Bengaluru thanking Chairman of Sparsh Hospital Dr Sharan Patil, Treating doctor Dr. Avinash and team, nursing staff and Spars foundation.

Arvind was working as a delivery boy for zomato,and he was the breadwinner for his family including his mother,sister and brother.Due to his poor health condition he stopped working.

He was suffering from urine infection and for same and was taking medication in one clinic for 45 days and almost spent all savings for consultation and treatment but couldn’t see any improvement in his health condition, and later he went to Known govt hospital in Bangalore for treatment but they didn’t provide any good care and health started worsening.One fine day he visited SPARSH hospital for consultation and met Dr Avinash and was asked to get some blood tests,scanning.After seeing the reports doctor told that he has a stone and need to have a surgery.

He has undergone his first surgery for kidney stone removal and after 2-3 days doctor noticed a pus formation in his surgical area and again need to get done the surgery for the same. But he was a in a stage where all savings exhausted and can’t afford the surgery cost.As his financial condition is very poor and not having a support from anybody and his mother is a single parent ‚she had no idea how to overcome this and in the same month he lost his sister due to same health condition and spent lots of money for her.

The same he conveyed to the treating doctor and he referred the case to Sparsh foundation.Sparsh foundation supported him for his surgery of bilateral stent removal and URS Now he is recovering and trying to lead a new life!!!